The company

The loss of competitiveness of Italy due to the chronic lack of high level research and development (R&D) in the industry is a topic of endless and unfruitful discussions. For this reason, CINECA decided on 2003 to establish a new company, SCS s.r.l., in collaboration with private partners, whose mission is to facilitate the use of high performance computing (HPC) infrastructures and allow the access to advanced application of numerical simulation in an industrial context, an absolutely necessary tool for the modern R&D activity. SCS aims at facilitating and giving new energies to the the worlds of manufacturing and R&D by making available to the industrial users an integrated package of HPC services. SCS works in the context of solutions and high performance technical computing with the specific goals of:

  • developing IT projects;
  • managing in outsourcing applicative projects;
  • developing and selling software applications.

Our team

SCS has an excellent team of engineers and developers with a background in CAE, HPC, programming, and  many more. 

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