Technical Computing Software

Our developers team has a vast experience in technical computing software projects in a HPC scenario. Particularly our skills may apply to: 

  • Complex workflow integration and orchestration on HPC clusters. We are experienced in dealing with complex toolchains deployed in a resilient way on HPC clusters.Proficiency on HPC resources schedulers. E.g. weather forecasts operating chains, multiscale biomedical modelling 
  • 3D scientific interactive visualization, image processing: we achieved proficiency on popular open source dedicated package either on 3D Visualization (Vtk) and Computer Vision (OpenCV) during several European Commission RTD projects (@neurIST, VPH2, VPHShare, VPHOP, CHIC, MSV, NMS-Physiome, RT3S, MXL, GPSME). 
  • Optimization and porting to parallel architectures of numerical codes. As leading supercomputing centre, we have vast experience on numerical codes and languages (Fortran, C/C++/ObjC, Python) and parallel programming models (MPI, OpenMP, hybrid models: GPGPU, Cuda, OpenCL, Intel MIC)

Agile Software Development

Since the beginning we enthusiastically adopted the Agile Manifesto@. Our teams still use agile software development methodologies (Scrum and XP) and are keen at involving our customers in our release cycle. Agile methodologies benefits are: 

  • Deep customer involvement and interaction among different team members.
  • Fast and continuous software release and improvement.
  • Increased customer satisfaction than on traditionally water-fall-managed software development projects.
  • Better software releases, bearing on our QA & continuous integration infrastructure.

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