HPC = High Productivity Computing

Open Source CFD software reached a maturity in terms of reliability and numerical robustness that spreads its adoption in industrial context. Its customizability and the capability of being used in very automated batch workflows are an opportunity. On the other side, the close end of the Moore's Law push an effort on the parallelization and the usage of HPC resources by the simulation codes. We focused on this fast changing scenario by developing an extremely automated workflow for CFD based on open  source software, such as Python, Paraview and OpenFOAM, in order to streamline typical CAE problems on HPC infrastructure and thus reduce significantly the response times of a virtual prototype and hence the overall time to market. 

Our Approach

  1. Proof of Concept: we get your case in terms of geometry (STL or IGES), physics, boundary condition and we perform a simulation of your experiments in order to compare results against your background knowledge.
  2. Tailored scalability: we perform a scalability analysis by exploiting our expertise on HPC and parallel architectures in order to set up the configuration that minimizes the overall time-to-results. 
  3. Automatic setup: we develop and optimize set-up scripts in order to streamline all your cases on our infrastructures avoiding meshing and numerical stability hassles.
  4. User Interface: we develop and release a web-based user interface in order to give you fresh and easy-to-use tools for automate your typical analyses.

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