Numerical modeling and simulation is increasingly used in industry to support the design and the development of cutting edge products.   SCS consultancy service is based on the usage of the state of the art open-source software for CFD on HPC platforms, thus enabling to solve complex CFD applications in a very cost/effective way. SCS knowledge and expertise in the development and the implementation of efficient CFD models is addressed to a wide range of applications. 


Heat transfer simulations are today central to accomplish accurate energy analysis and winning saving strategies. Typical application faced by SCS experts in this field of application are:

  • Data-center cooling (HVAC characterization, optimal design)
  • Thermal comfort in environment design (air-conditioning and cleaning system)


Single phase and multiphase CFD analysis of immersed bodies is one of the core expertise at SCS covering:

  • Hull ship analysis for virtual towing tank study under both‘captive’ and 2DoF configuration
  • Von Karman vortex shedding studies (e.g. flow meters characterization and design optimization)
  • Multiphase risers and bubble column characterization and optimization 


CFD simulation of turbo machinery problems, including compressors, turbines and centrifugal pumps are used for  the design and the specification of power characteristics addressing for instance the selective optimization of the geometrical parts included in the machine (blade, diffuser, impeller, etc.). 

SCS expertise in this field covers:

  • Centrifugal pumps (H-Q curve characteristics)
  • Turbines (blade profile characterization)


The most standardized and well-recognized applications of CFD are related to aerodynamics problems. SCS experts have a strong background in this field of application including:

  • External aerodynamicsin the so-called virtual wind tunnel
  • Internal aerodynamics
  • 2D air-foil design
  • Profile shape optimization

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