Technology Transfer of Supercomputing Solutions for Enterprises

Simulation and virtual prototyping play an increasingly important role in engineering and design processes in the manufacturing industry. More often, to reproduce the complexity of a system, engineering software is avid of computational resources. For this reason, CINECA decided on 2003 to establish a new company, SCS Super Computing Solutions, whose mission is to facilitate the use of High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures and allow the access to advanced applications of numerical simulation in an industrial context: an absolutely necessary tool for modern R&D activity. SCS aims at facilitating and strengthening R&D processes in the manufacturing industry by providing its customers an integrated package of HPC services.

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Cineca is a non profit Consortium, made up of 56 Italian universities, and 3 Research Institutions. Today it is the largest Italian computing centre, one of the most important worldwide. With more seven hundred employees, it operates in the technological transfer sector through high performance scientific computing (SCAI department) , the management and development of networks and web based services, and the development of complex information systems for treating large amounts of data. CINECA enables world-class scientific research by operating and supporting leading-edge supercomputing technologies and by managing a state-of-the-art and effective environment for the different scientific communities. CINECA staff offers support and consultancy in HPC tools and techniques and in several scientific domains, such as physics, particle physics, material sciences, chemistry.

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SCS is looking for professionals to join its staff for development projects of technical applications and graphical user interfaces for the visualization and processing of data and personalization of web and mobile applications as well as production management of HPC systems